Free For CAD File


Free For CAD File

This website will provide learning for you from zero to hero.

To facilitate the learning process I have included free files for some of the designs we have created, and you can download them for use well primarily for your learning needs.

For those of you who work as an engineering, drafter, in your company can use the files that are here for things postif with your condition to confirm first to our admin if for commercial needs, and if there are questions and requests your special drawing can directly contact us for request of cooperation offer.

I really hope that this website can spread widely and give positive impact to many people. Learning should not stop as long as we live, learn also do not know tribe, culture, color or religion. Learning is compulsory for everyone and learn anywhere and anytime.

Here are some sample parts in inventor file (.ipt, .iam, .stp, .igs, etc) as well as sample images (jpg) for you to learn for beginners. For those of you who use other software you can still use the files we provide for you to learn because basically the software is limited to work tools, while the image is the result of imagination. So whatever software you use will be good when used wisely, and use the original software of course, if not able to use the Free.

Free Autodesk Software For Student and Teacher

To download please click the link below, will appear view to share this website link to be useful for many people. To share through your social media account options, we recommend sharing with facebook, twitter and linkedin

1. Charger Android Free CAD .ipt
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